Purpose Built Lamps:

We take materials that have been discarded and rebuild them into unique, one of a kind lamps. The process of crafting each lamp is a metaphor for how love can take something broken and make it beautiful. Each lamp is hand crafted by individuals living out stories of Hope, Strength, Resilience and Courage. Whether someone is transitioning back into society after years of incarceration, recovering from addiction, or getting back on their feet after a season of homelessness, This Little Light provides the opportunity for people to discover their second chance. 

                 2015 This Little Light

Malala: Dimmable $119.00

Foster Dimmable $85.00

Colson Dimmable:  $95.00

Mandela Dimmable:  $119.00

Ragamuffin Dimmable:  $85.00

Manning Dimmable: $85.00

This little light...

shines light into dark places.

embraces beauty in the darkest of struggles.

illuminates hope.